“All brains are awesome” on Youtube

Pro-inclusion neuroeducation videos for kids. In true inclusion, there is no “Othering.” There is an up front presentation that we all learn, think, play, and communicate differently.

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neurodiversity resourceS & Digital library

My collection of favorite videos, articles, websites, books, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, social media spaces, advocacy groups & more, organized by topic – for adults & kids. 

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development & parenting resources

Books, Sites, Videos, Handouts on development, sleep, nutrition, communication, toileting, regulation, mental health, behavior, technology & media, healthcare interactions & more.

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Sub Heading 7

Generate custom solutions with the possibility to create synergy. Amplify outside the box thinking yet be on brand.

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Sub Heading 8

Demonstrating sprints in order to innovate. Build innovation to innovate. Drive outside the box thinking and try to think outside the box.

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Sub Heading 9

Leverage cloud computing but funnel users. Repurposing stakeholder management yet think outside the box. Grow core competencies with a goal to re-target key demographics.

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All Brains Are Awesome

Let’s build a world where EVERYONE understands their own brains…

AND understands that the entire human experience is a reflection of unique neural wiring plus the goodness of fit from one’s environment & the people in it.

There is no one type of “normal” brain. All brains are different. All brains are awesome.