“I Love Your Brain”

When my 4 year old and I discover something new about each other’s brains, we exclaim: “I love your brain!” It is my hope that you will discover something new to love about your brain and the brains of the people you love.

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Play & Exploration for All Brains

“Play” = Pursuing Joy.

“Exploration” = Learning about the World.

“Play & Exploration Skills” = While some brains engage in play/exploration spontaneously, some brains require supports & direct/indirect instruction before feeling safe & willing to do any of the above.

This playlist features low-demand “learn by watching”-style mind maps and visual skills supports to help a brain decide whether (or not) to try these out.

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For Brains That Love Frozen


Find a brain’s passion, and you have the lens to teach a brain anything. These videos use the characters of Frozen to explore topics in regulation, executive function, and social communication.

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Feelings & Energy Levels: Emotional Regulation  for All

The priority of our entire lives is for our nervous systems to feel calm and safe.

All feelings are ok. All energy levels are ok.

These videos discuss how some brains understand, express, and regulate their emotions.

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Friends, Communication & Connection


Unfortunately, most popular “social skills” programs are ableist attempts to make neurodivergent kids act “more neurotypical.” This playlist (conceptual mind maps + figurine video models) offers an alternative approach: teaching kids of all neurotypes to understand one another’s brains and speak their language when they choose to do so.

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I hope that all people can become self-actualized self-advocates. It is important to teach kids (as early as possible!) how to figure out their own needs and how to meet them.

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