“Keys to the Universe”: a 1st draft of truths we have come to know,  co-created with my 4 year old

As I support my 4 year old in discovering his true self, he is discovering that his Zone of Genius is idea generation. We have been co-ideating lately. I call them “Keys to the Universe,” but he is adamant that this is NOT what this is — because this would mean that he’s finished thinking about them, which he is not. He has agreed to the designation of “First Draft.” (I love his brain….).  I will update this periodically. Last updated 10/18/21.

  1. There is no “neurotypical” vs. “neurodivergent” brains. Brains are either “dopamine-bound” or “not dopamine-bound.”
  2. When some brains act mean, it is often because they are sad.
  3. Some brains have a hard time receiving a compliment because it feels “too good” for someone to be proud of them — Downstairs Brain falls asleep blissfully, instead of maintaining its position as Guard/Protector of the Fortress.
  4. Downstairs Brain remembers how it felt during a past stressful situation, so flips its lid anytime it remembers that feeling — even if it doesn’t remember what happened.